How To Start Utilizing Your Instagram Bio

So your brand uses Instagram to reach your audience and drive sales, but have you utilized your profile to its full potential? Have you taken the time to think about your Instagram bio?

Picture your Instagram bio as the first impression a user has of business. Will they receive the proper knowledge about you, be able to contact you, or purchase your products and services easily? The ideal Instagram bio will convey your brand’s personality and encourage users to take some type of action, such as following your page, reading your latest blog post, or purchasing a product from your website.

Block some time out of your schedule to revamp your Instagram bio with these tips:

1. Make the most of 150 characters

You’re limited on what you can say -- so make the most of it! In your Instagram bio, you want to clearly explain who you are and what you do. While some of you may think your brand is self-explanatory, remember that new users can always come across your page and having this additional context is helpful.

From these 150 characters, users should also be able to gather a sense of your brand’s personality. Do you speak casually and use an abundance of emojis or do you take a more serious tone and only talk factually? Your bio should help depict that.

2. Play with line breaks and emojis

Line breaks and emojis are a fun way to help communicate your personality and easily showcase important information. Nowadays, people tend to scan for information rather than read paragraphs upon paragraphs. Try making your Instagram bio a bulleted list of what you do, using different emojis as the bullet points. Note, these emojis should have relative meaning to what you are mentioning.

3. It’s all about the keywords

The name section of your bio is different than your username. Did you know the words included are actually searchable on Instagram? As a brand, this gives you the perfect opportunity to choose targeted keywords your audience may be searching for.

Take a look at Katie’s page for example. Her name reads “Social Media Manager”, as brands or users searching for social media help are likely to try this term.

4. Include a call-to-action

Not only should you be telling users about yourself, you should also be encouraging them to take action after visiting your page. Think of it as: “What do I want people to do after they visit my page?”

Your call-to-action will most likely be something along the lines of encouraging people to visit your website, having people sign up for a mailing list, or direct people to your latest campaign or blog post.

5. Add other clickable links

Your call-to-action doesn’t have to be the only clickable link in your bio. Any word with the “@” and “#” is clickable and will take you to a new page on Instagram. This feature makes promotion instantly easier. If your company is a huge corporation with multiple Instagram channels, you can direct users to your other ones by tagging them in the bio. You can even promote your company page or share where you work on your personal page.

Does your company have any branded hashtags? Include those as well, and encourage users to use the hashtag when talking about your product or services. This will give you a slew of user-generated content and is a great way to connect with your audience.

6. Highlight your Instagram Stories

We’ve already given you the rundown of Instagram Story Highlights in a previous blog post, but this a great way for to permanently attach Instagram Stories to your profile. Each story should share the best parts of your brand to your viewers and are a great way to showcase and inform them of your products or services.

Do you need help either utilizing your Instagram profile or managing your page? Email to get a customized quote.

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