Utilizing Instagram Story Highlights for Your Business

Unlike a Snapchat Story, Instagram Stories can follow your business forever. With the feature Instagram Story Highlights, the social media platform created a way for your stories to live on your profile page, underneath your bio. (This is something you’ll want to keep in mind when optimizing your profile.)

Now that these stories are immortalized on your profile for all to see, you’ll want to use them in a way that showcases the personality of your business, provides your customers with a clear understanding of what is in each highlight, and as a tool that can help drive traffic and sales.

Not sure where to begin? We compiled a list of uses that we have taken advantage of for our clients’ profiles and have seen other savvy business professional try.

1. Behind the Scenes

Customers want to be able to put a face to a name, and that’s no exception for businesses! Going behind the scenes to interview employees, show a day in the office, or give an inside look at an upcoming event or product are all great ways to show viewers your true self.

Subscription box, Bootay Bag, does behind-the-scenes shoots of their upcoming box.

2. Products or Services

Whether you’re launching a new product or just want to show off your current ones, creating a Highlights section specifically for ‘products’ is a great idea. This also gives potential new customers the chance to see what you’re all about before scrolling through your feed!

If your products or services vary by season, like photography services for example, you can delete a highlight and replace it with a more current one.

Burgh Brides, a Pittsburgh wedding blog, separates her stories by the different categories of her website.

3. Reviews or Customer Highlights

Don’t lie, you know it makes you happy when you hear a great review from a customer or see them enjoying your product. Use your highlights as a way to thank you customers and show potential ones how much others have enjoyed them!

The Pink Lover Shop loves sharing their customers’ Instagram Stories on their own story.

4. Share Promotions or Specials

A little self promotion can go a long way! Instead of constantly posting about your current promotion, make a few Instagram stories and save them in your highlights.

Think big in this category — promotions include more than BOGO offers or percentages off a purchase. Other specials can include a limited edition scent in your beauty collection, a limited edition sneaker design, or a coffee flavor (Hello Starbucks holiday drinks!).

Each Thursday, Burgatory highlights its special shake for the weekend. Yum!

5. Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a page on your website with frequently asked questions, it may be a good idea to answer some on your Instagram stories, especially if users are commenting and DMing you the same things! This will save time typing out a response, as you can instead refer the customers to the FAQ highlight.

Fitness 305 created an Instagram highlight answering questions regarding their annual sale.

Overall, the main point of Instagram Story Highlights is to be creative! These five suggestions aren’t the only things you can do to make your brand stand out. Find something that speaks to you and roll with it.

Are you looking for some help when it comes to managing your social media channels? Email katie@loveyoursocialmedia.com to get a quote today!

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