Use the '5 P's' in your social media marketing

One of the most prominent lessons I remember from my course load at Point Park University is the four P’s of marketing. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, the four P’s include product, price, promotion, and placement.

First, you need to establish what exactly your product is and have a clear understanding of the said product. Then you’ll determine the pricing of the product, what elements you’ll use to promote it, and where you will place your promotional tactics to reach your audience.

While it’s important to remember this marketing mix, social media and content marketing have their own set of P’s. By utilizing these 5 P’s, you’ll be able to outline your social media strategy and make sure you have all of the necessities covered.

1. Plan

Any good strategy starts with sitting down, organizing your thoughts, and planning out you big idea. In this stage, you’ll want to plan out the objectives of your social media strategy. Are you primarily looking to drive conversions from your social media channels or are you focusing on raising brand awareness and driving engagement?

During this stage you should establish the types of content you’ll need to create, the tools you’ll need to successfully promote and run your campaigns, as well as goals and benchmarks to measure success.

2. Produce

It’s time for you – or a hired professional – to start creating! Consumers prefer visuals. According to Hubspot, when consumers just read or hear information, they’re likely to only remember 10% of it later on. However, if the same information is paired with a relevant image, video, or graphic, they will remember 65% of it.

Again, you’ll want to stay organized during this step. Creating a content calendar is a great way for you to visually lay out your information. This also urges you to finish your content creation ahead of time, so you aren’t struggling to post the day of. My three favorite tools for content layout are Later, Hootsuite, and Google Sheets.

3. Publish

Two of the three tools I just mentioned also help with this next step. What social media platforms will you use to publish your content? If you are planning on using multiple channels, it maybe beneficial for you to use a scheduling tool that will post for you automatically rather than you taking the time each day to manually post.

Later and Hootsuite are both great options for publishing. Hootsuite allows you to connect a wider variety of social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Wordpress.

We use Later to keep our posts in order and for automatic posting.

4. Promotion

While promotion and money often go hand-in-hand, there is no need for you to put money into promotion if you don’t want to. By posting your content organically, you’re already promoting your content to current followers or consumers that come across your social media channels. You could even send a weekly or monthly email to your subscribers to promote your content. However, if you want a more guaranteed way to reach new consumers, it doesn’t hurt to set some money aside for an advertising budget.

5. Prove

The final step is to prove to yourself or a boss that your strategy worked. At this point, you’ll want to revisit your goals and benchmarks. Take a look at your analytics on each social media platform, as well as clicks, downloads, or other performance metrics that are important to you.

When it comes to social media marketing, practice makes perfect. If you saw something that worked well, keep doing it but don’t overdo it. If something flopped during your campaign, there’s no reason to try it again in a later one.

Do you need help creating and producing content for your business? Love Social Media can take the reins. Email me at to get a consultation.

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