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​"I have been working with Love Social Media for over a year. I'm a very happy customer! They've grown our following tremendously, boosted our engagement, and made it easier for our customers to purchase!"

- Sadie Kurzban, Founder of 305 Fitness

Results: Increased followers by 20,000 over a year

​"Katie and her team have completely transformed my MISS SWISS social media accounts! They do so much more than just posting content. They are creating relationships with influencers, responding to comments thoughtfully, creating content, giving us suggestions and advice for what to content to create for TikTok, and responds to our DMs. They always exceed expectations and deliver amazing results. My only regret is not finding Love Social Media sooner!

- Ashley Piszek, CEO of Miss Swiss

Results: Instagram, TikTok and Facebook management, increased brand awareness




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"Katie and her team have been an absolute life saver to our business and social media pages! It really is a full time job and something I couldn’t effectively keep up with in my own. They’re always planning ahead for our posts and in constant communication. There are no words for the amount of stress they’ve helped alleviate for us! Bonus that they’re the sweetest and kindest to work with."

- Alexis Barstis, Owner of Cooked Goose Catering, Jabby Joe's Restaurant, Lu-Lou's Cafeteria

Results: Increased orders and restaurant visits

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"Katie and her team are AMAZING. They manage my Pinterest account and after working with other agencies previously it's like night and day. Not only are they experts but their communication is phenomenal. Tiffany has grown my Pinterest account from an audience of 1.5 million to 2.5 million in 2-3 months. They empower me as a small business owner and are constantly educating me so I can grow and improve. I want to hire them for all of my social media needs. Can't recommend Katie and Tiffany enough!"

- Anna Crollman, My Cancer Chic

Work: Increased monthly Pinterest views and Instagram Followers

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"Working with Love Social Media has completely transformed my social media game. I’m getting way more engagement, I’m selling more books than ever and I LOVE working with her team. Hiring Katie has been one of the best moves I’ve made for my company and the future of my work. She is the best!"

- Valerie C. Gangas, Speaker and Author

Results: Increased book sales & Instagram Followers

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