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2012 sector is a graphical form of referring to the nearest neighbors of the available block. By convention, X axis is left and Y axis is up. The size and aspect ratio of the sector form depends on the available unit space; other useful symbols include the number of potential neighbors that the sector can contain, and the name of the nearest neighbor.The SECTOR button. Sectors are used to describe and activate blocks at the end of a build stage. They start off with a radius of one and increase by one each time the Space Management switches to a new build stage. During a build stage, they are created in a ring-shaped region surrounding the core of the build and increase in size as units are added to the build. During a build stage, they are "active" if a core block is available, which can be used for placement of built blocks. Once a core block is unbuilt, any blocks with a valid SECTOR activated are released from the SECTOR pool. See: [Functions] + [World] - [Space Management] + [World-Space Link] + [World-Space Link] + [Sector] + [Sector in Last Build Stage] + [Sector Last Build Stage] + [Sector Usage] + [Status Bar] + [Recycled Blocks] + [Received Messages] + [Sector Cost] + [Inventory] - [Grid] - [Info Panel] - [Block Info] - [Options] The offset is the point along the x axis to begin the sector, and it defaults to zero. The optional radius is the radius of the sector, and it defaults to one. Sectors with a radius of zero are used to indicate that the nearest neighbor is a block on the same build stage as the sector. If you define the offset and radius, the default is to create a SECTOR every time the Space Management switches to a new build stage. This is controlled by the SECTOR_COUNT setting, described below. Some of the options are described below. These descriptions are not exhaustive. If you have any questions about these options, please ask a question or provide a description of your own that fits the purpose. More information about blocks can be found in the [Blocks] article. SECTOR_COUNT If set to a value other than the default, then a SECTOR is created for each new build stage. The default value is 0, which means that a SECTOR




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